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Equinox - Vancouver Island Theatre Scene [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Vancouver Island Theatre Scene

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Equinox [Jul. 21st, 2006|11:05 pm]
Vancouver Island Theatre Scene


OYA! Productions presents Equinox by Jonathan Graham.

An investigator assigned to question a possible victim of statutory rape discovers that the truth is not as simple as it first appears. Opening Gala featuring additional performances by local youth July 28 7:30pm - admission by donation. Play runs July 29- August 3 8:30pm at Solstice Café 529 Pandora Ave. Tickets $10/$12. Box Office and information: 812-8764 or oyaproductions@shaw.ca

“A young woman, naked in a field, in the middle of the night. And a young man is there with her. In the past, she has kissed this young man, and he has held her in his arms. Now, she suddenly begins to scream.”

The boundary between consensual intimacy and statutory rape comes under fire as Christine, a young investigator struggling with her own past traumas, attempts to extract the truth from 14-year-old Evelyn. Throughout the interrogation, the fragile balance of power threatens to shatter as both women fight to gain the upper hand in a battle of words and will.

“No one has questioned what you witnessed. Only how you interpreted it.”